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  • For the Football Wildcats it's Health, Wealth, and Execution

    When perusing the offensive staff and it's players, at the end of the regular season the health of the team was a factor. Though not talked about very much because competitors want to compete with no excuses hanging over their heads, health is a factor with most every power-five team in college football. For those like Kentucky that are preparing to go to a bowl game it's healing time. The question is will a Kentucky team be more ready than a Northwestern University team.

    Unlike some of Kentucky's recent past bowl games this one means so much more to both teams. Why? The reason is that both programs are fighting for more status in their respective conferences. NW was 9-3 for this season and 10-3 in the 2016 season. Kentucky was 7-5 in both seasons and left feeling like they let some games get away. Kentucky has that empty feeling gnawing at them and can't wait to get back on the field and erase those feelings


    We asked Eddie Gran what were his priorities and he quickly answered, the offensive line. He said you alwayswant to see improvement up front with those young offensive linemen. He said all the things they have work on all fall and are working on now are the priorities. He pointed to weight room, the flexibility to bend (benders are those that bend at the knees rather than the waist), and consistent execution. He said - “Those are all the things we have been working on and now I want to see them take it to the field.” Schlarman was asked who were some of the guys that are giving his O-line the most trouble. He said Chris Whittaker coming off the edge, Alex King, Jordan Wright, and Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald to name a few. “You always know that the ones that give you the most trouble in practice are going to be good on the field of play on Saturday,” Schlarman explained.

    Recruiting Wealth

    It's rare that any staff will comment negatively on the hard work they have done in convincing youngsters to come their school. This recruiting class for the Wildcats may be more believable for Kentucky because for the second straight year they have more to recruit to in terms of success on the, field, the established culture, the facilities, and the best recruiters which are the players. Coaches do all the leg-work but the most important recruiters are the present players because the recruits can easily sense the mood and happiness of the team. And that goes a long way. With the early 72-hour signing period what is the difference in this year? “It seems like everything is condensed a little bit,” Lamar Thomas said. The visits, the home visits mean a lot more because you have guys in the early signing, and people trying to squeeze visits in. He said that it seems more like February.

    Vince Marrow said recruiting is going extremely well and there will be good wealth wealth added to the team. He thinks that all the guys they have committed to them will sign on the twentieth of this month. He explained that there are always some de-committs for various reasons such as not so good of a senior season and those that feel like they fit better somewhere else. “But we want guys that want to be here,” he said. Darin Hinshaw said they want to take a quarterback in every class and they will take one in this class.
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      Thanks, Lonny. Enjoyed the football read before the basketball game.
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