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  • Kentucky Gain Control of the Fort Wayne Mastodons and win 86-67


    The Fort Wayne Mastodons gave Calipari and the Wildcats something to be concerned about all the way to halftime. Fort Wayne sunk seven of the first nine three pointers. But the Cats went on a nine point run over the last 2:26 of the first half. The last lead the Mastodons had was 37-36 at the 3:51 mark of the first half.

    John Calipari, who doesn't like zone defense, had to rely on a 2-3 zone to get control of the game. By the halftime horn the Mastodons had cooled done from the three point circle and went from a high of 44.1 to 36.4 percent at the half. The zone kind of stymied their offense Cal said and it's nice when you have that to lean all. “The zone looked good tonight,” Calipari said.

    As per usual the first five minutes of the second half decided the game and at the 11:29 mark Nick Richards was 7-8 shooting; 5-5 from the free throw line, and had nine rebounds. If he continues with that type of play he could really be big asset for Calipari's offense along about January. He show a nifty reverse layup in his arsenal.

    For a team like Fort Wayne, whose tallest man was 6-foot-9, six red shirt players and seven freshmen on the roster, they made a good showing against the Wildcats in Rupp Arena. UK's points in the paint was 24-6.

    Whatever was said to the Wildcats at halftime worked for them because they were much more crisp in their play. They moved they ball better and put more defensive pressure on the Mastodons. We think that John Calipari would breathe easier when he went home for his Thanksgiving break. They showed a drastic improvement over the last game against Troy when they ended the game on a much sourer note 70-62 . The final score was 86-67. The Wildcats shot an even 60 percent for the game and went through a seven minute stretch total at the last four minutes of the first half and the first two and a half minutes of the second half. They went on a fifteen point run during that period.

    The Cats set themselves up for a better second half of the season after the Christmas break when they go through the annual Camp Cal. During that stretch there's is no time limit on how much they practice the players. Whatever is lacking on the talent end is usually made up on the defensive end. Why is that? - 1) the players are in better shape; 2) they understand what they are doing and what's expected of them; and 3) they're executing better what Cal wants them to do.

    “I am losing my mind thinking we should be further along,” The coach said. “Ken Palm said we are the youngest team in the last fifteen years and they only started keeping that stat after 2006. We may be the youngest ever.”

    The Fort Wayne coach said when you are giving up four inches per man it tended to wear his tem down and they started to miss free throws they normally make. And he said they are going through they same thing in the youth category. They have eight newcomers as well as six freshmen. They have three people from last years team now making money playing basketball.
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      dan_bgblue -
      Fort Wayne is a very well coached team. They impressed me last night