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  • Home State Players Looking to take Down the Gamecocks


    Seemingly it is often times when a player returns to his home state university to play, it is less than fruitful. Among the three Carolinians on UK's roster Tavin Richardson is invading Willliams-Brice Stadium for the first time.

    It will be a raucous crowd in that stadium and how he handle that experience. The practices on today and tomorrow will under duress of piped in noise to simulate Williams-Brice Stadium as
    close as possible. “We practiced the same way in preparation for the Southern Miss game,” Richardson said.

    He said he will have quite few family and friends present at the game. “I will rake and scrape up as many tickets as I can find,” said a very excited Richardson. “One of my very best friends is being red shirted and he will have friends and family there, too. I expect there will be plenty of support for me even though the vast majority of them will be rooting for the Gamecocks.” He said Columbia is one-hour from his home town of Greer, South Carolina, It's going to be kind of like a big family reunion. He would glad bypass personal accomplishments to come away with a victory. A victory over the gamecocks making the streak four games would clearly establish dominance.

    Richardson had a fine catch against EKU. Wide receiver coach Lamar Thomas said he was please with his receiver corp against the Colonels. “They ran good routes and they made contested catches,” Thomas was asked how his kiddy-corp (freshmen) of receivers are coming along. His response was “they are freshmen.” This was his way of saying they've got work to do.

    Richardrson when asked what the BBN will see when Lynn Bowden gets some extended reps? “He is very talented because he can catch the ball, he can throw the ball, he runs good routes and he is very quick. He's going to be a great asset to this offense because he is a great athlete.”

    The young man said they haven't reached their potential yet and hearing the critisium doesn't bother them because they are still 2-0. “We know we have a lot of work to do to get to that point.”

    He and Blake Bone are considered upclassmen and are responsible for helping those guy get there. “Me and (Isaiah) Epps are on the practice field together running the same plays,” explained Richardson. “I tell him about the minor details and where to be on certain plays. Sometime we go to Steve (Johnson) for something we might of missed and different schemes.”

    How is being coached by Coach Thomas? He said - “It's fun because he is funny and competitive. He's got jokes. Like right now (as we were conducting the interview Thomas though the window from the cafeteria, he was givng the throat-slash sign. Ha ha ha, he's always got jokes. We've been through the same thing. He was red shirted at Miami, too. He's just older than me.”

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