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  • The Secondary gets a Speed Boost from Newcomers


    With some football players good fortune comes in small measures as in the case of Darius West. This young man has had more than his troubles with injury. He is now 100 percent healthy. West was red-shirted in two-thousand fourteen and there is nothing he could do but rehab and wait patiently for his return to the field. He played in ten of the twelve games in 2015. He missed the 2016 season due to a pre-season leg injury. Looking at his history unfortunately for him this is not the first time he has had to do the aforementioned. In high school he broke his leg.

    So when he and Mike Edwards came to UK at the same time it was thought West was the better of the two. Now the collection of rust needs to come to a bright shine on West and the Cats will have a tandem at the safety position that will measure up to the best in the SEC. The Wildcats are inter-changeable at the safety position.

    Coach Eddie House said West is one of the fastest players on the team in straight line speed. West said it's been a long road getting back to where he is. “My teammates have supported me along the way,” he said. “For that I couldn't be more thankful. There's times when things get difficult but every great player has suffered some setbacks along the way. I just take that and cherish that and realize something you love so much can be taken away in a blink of an eye” We asked West to address the comment house said about his speed and knowing the speed of Davonte Robinson we asked who is the fastest. (Smiles) he hedged and said Robinson is pretty fast. But he wouldn't fully concede Robinson is the fastest.

    Davonte Robinson has been electronically time in a 43.2 40-yard dash and that's hard for most players to match. And Robinso has been working hard to take advantage of his red-shirt freshman year. “My expectations are to try my best to get on the field and get as many rep as I can,” Robinson said. Getting in the film room, getting mentally tough, and getting in the weight getting physically. I've put on some weight to and I'm at 198, 196-pounds back on forth.” We asked him about his speed and what was said about West and who is the fastest? He said - “I'd say I'm the fastest (smiles).” Robinson said he will play safety because he can utilize that speed and additionally he played it in high school. The safety is always thought of as a glorified linebacker.

    So they fall into a comfortable rotation with the veterans and they should add a level of talent when the drop off will be minimal when Robinson comes into the game.
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    I like South Alabama, Vanderbilt and Florida.

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    There's a couple of head-scratchers right off the bat. S. Carolina is +6 at NC St. for example, which looks like a toss up to me. Some others:

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    Well, after last year's contest that is better than it could have been for sure.

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    Point spreads are out! UK is currently -10.5 at S. Miss. I thought it would be right around 14.

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