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  • EYBL musings

    By: RON "DOC" BALL

    As most know I'm in the peach city (Atlanta) this weekend for the third round of the Nike eybl. I posted some stuff on my Facebook last night but will update here while between sessions, while sippin a few cold Buds and eating some Buffalo Wild Wing Nachos (and juicing my phone)

    Not going to do big write ups, just more train of thought.

    First, Bol Bol, didn't plays last night but did today. If we offered he needs to grab it. He likes to shoot from the perimeter a bit too much, and when your shot starts at your naval its a bit of an issue. Also, like nearly all 7 foot plus players, he does not run the court end to end particularly well. I get the mechanics and understand they are hauling more than a 6-2 guard but I'd love to see a big hustle up and down the floor consistently. However what he does have is very good hands. Most guys his height have palm fronds for hands but he actually has a good set. Calipari is good at getting big men with great hands like Davis and Stein. Bols are not that good but they are one of his best qualities. He has good timing and does not commit. Lots to like but also lots to develop.

    Emmitt Williams is my favorite player in the class. I'd kill to have Cal on him. I avoid over used phases like high motor because then when you actually have a kid like this you have no means to describe him. He is Cheike Diallo with skills. He is an absolute beast who gets off the floor so quick. As good as any PF in the class, bar none

    Javonte Smart is a big solid point. Remind me of Cliff Hawkins in build and style of game. Not super quick like Wall or Fox, he is a different type of point. I like him though

    Can Reddish looks bigger, stronger. Is a powerful looking SG/SF and at 6-8 odds are he is going to play the forward spot. He looked better thus far this weekend than he did last December.

    Louis King is a player I like. Teamed with Reddish, this NYC kid has a nice game. UL has offered. Is a nice looking SF who moves well both inside and out.

    Marvin Bagley, didn't watch a lot because I've seen a lot but while he might be the top player in the class, its not like I couldn't see several players challenge him for the top ranking.

    Trendon Watford, 2019 kid some don't want due to family relation. Screw that. The kid can play. I came with a preconceived notion to not like him. That lasted 2 minutes. 6-9 who can shoot and rebound, what's to not like?????

    Vernon Carey Jr, also 2019, is a small version of Boogie in so many ways. Similar game and similar frame. 6-10 and 245# who shoot the three..... them after getting called for a foul yelled "yuck" (sort of) and got T'ed up. However I would take that as an exception. He did not react to numerous hacks and cheap shots by Chandler Lawson, the last part was more in jest. Carey is the second ranked player in the class behind Barrett. I'd question that as I like him better

    Speaking of Barrett, watched a short bit this morning. In a half he did fine but nothing spectacular. He must have notched it up after I left because he finished the game with 41 (I left to see Bol). I'll watch this afternoon or tomorrow

    Shareff O'Neal is a good play. Such a packed PF class though that we will do better. Its cool though because his dad is he and sitting in the stand with the fans, like with the fans. Its an interesting contrast with Jordan. When MJs kids were playing his airness came, they closed 1/2 the arena and rope off sections, surrounded him with body guards etc..... Shaq in the meantime is glad handing anybody and everybody