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  • Conversation with Harrison twins

    Andrew Harrison says he’s “really not sure what we have planned” when contemplating what lies ahead in recruiting for him and his twin brother, Aaron, both highly rated guards in the 2013 recruiting class.

    “We have five schools that are pretty much even,” said Andrew Harrison via telephone after arriving in Venice, Calif., Wednesday for the Under Armor Elite 24 in Venice Beach, Calif., that will be shown on ESPNU Saturday night. “When it comes time to make a decision, we will make it. But until then, I am not exactly sure what we will be doing.”

    The brothers have indicated they will make their college choice Oct. 29. They have Kentucky, Maryland, Villanova, Southern Methodist and Baylor on their list with most recruiting analysts calling it a two-team race between Kentucky and Maryland.

    Aaron Harrison is a 6-5 shooting guard while 6-5 Andrew Harrison is considered a two guard. Both are ranked No. 1 at their position by many recruiting services and both have made it clear they will play together in college.

    “We just want to find a winning program that fits our game and a coach who can get us to the next level,” Aaron Harrison said.

    They won’t deny their obvious interest in Kentucky.

    “Coach Cal is a great coach who puts players in the NBA,” Andrew Harrison said. “He will tell you what is real and what isn’t. So will the rest of his staff. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear. They tell you that you will have to work hard when you get there and nothing is just given to you.”

    “He puts a lot of players in the NBA,” Aaron Harrison said. “That has to get your attention.”

    One of the players Andrew Harrison admits he idolizes is Derrick Rose, now a star with the Chicago Bulls who played for Calipari at Memphis. He has unique size for his position and ESPN recruiting director Paul Biancardi likes his “creative passing” to compliment his speed and athleticism.

    He knows his on-court demeanor sometimes can be misunderstood.

    “I’m just a normal guy. I don’t try to act arrogant or big-time. I don’t like when people say that about me because that is not me,” Andrew Harrison said.

    Aaron Harrison said the twins enjoyed playing in this game last year against big-time competition and expect the same this weekend in the final event of a busy summer schedule.

    “We get beat up playing so much, but we never get tired of playing basketball,” Aaron Harrison said. “Sometimes our body needs a break, but no, we don’t get tired. Now recruiting, that definitely can get tiring, especially at times when there are so many calls and texts. It can get overwhelming at times, but I think we’ve enjoyed recruiting for the most part. And we did get to take a break to go to New York with our grandparents.”

    Their father, Aaron Harrison Sr., is also their AAU coach and was the one who helped determine Andrew Harrison would be more of a point guard and his brother more of a two guard.

    “We used to both be wings, but my dad told me to bring the ball up the court a couple of times and I guess maybe I did pretty well so we stuck with that,” Andrew Harrison said. “Point guard comes more natural to me than Aaron and vice versa with him at shooting guard. But I can play both positions and so can he.”

    Aaron Harrison has already had his game compared to NBA players like Ray Allen and Mitch Richmond.

    “I can play the point, but the two guard just came more natural and my dad could tell that,” Aaron Harrison said.

    Maybe that came during the one-on-one battles the twins used to have.

    “When we were younger, it was sometimes hard to find good competition,” Aaron Harrison said. “We used to play one-on-one a lot to get competition. It made us both tougher, and better.”
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    1. Darryl's Avatar
      Darryl -
      Larry, do you believe 5 schools are even right?

    1. anderwt's Avatar
      anderwt -
      They all say that...smu, my theory on that one is Cal is helping out Larry, how do you do that?
    1. Padukacat's Avatar
      Padukacat -
      Yeah im sure smu and uk are right there even.....

      Cause smu can win and get you to the nba like they desire.
    1. ShaneFattier's Avatar
      ShaneFattier -
      yea Im pretty sure Larry freaking Brown doesn't need help from anyone
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