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  • Phillips Wowed the Louisville Alumni


    Venue - Hyatt Regency on fourth street in Louisville
    Place - The Churchhill Room
    Time - Somewhere beween 11:40 Am and 12 o'clock strtaight up.

    "I told my coaches we had seventeen-days to mold this team and I feel good about coming out of this camp," Joker Phillips said in adressing the media. "The dedication and the togetherness we have on this football team, that's what I'm most proud of." He said they have added some new piecies and they are doing the right things. Phiilips was asked about the awareness of his team being a heavy underdog? He said you can't help from being aware. He said a friend of his called him the other day and say coach 'I like really that 14 (point spread); the coach said "I like 14 too, he looked good in the scrimmage today.

    Place - The big ballroom:
    Phillips said after his first year when they went 6-6 he was mistaken for Charlie Strong; After the second year when they went 5-7 he was mistaken for Tubby Smith; He said now his goal is not to be mistaken for Gary Coleman.

    The press room:
    He was askd to talk about his starting quarterback. "He got all the first team snaps back in spring practice which gave him a leg up," Phillips said. He was a little bit ahead coming out of spring and with every practrice he has continued to push ahead. Those were valuable snaps in the spring. "He's got swag, cool, and confident. And He's not afraid to get on his teammates when they are not lined correctly. He will say Lonny (using yours truly as an example), get your tail over here. He'll look at me or Sanders and we'll say you got them."

    Philips again issued a impassioned plea for the fans to get behind this team. As an example of team togetherness he talked about meetings he'd have with his team. He ask them about their stuff. He said everybody's got stuff. He said he had to first tell them about his stuff. He said all kinds of personal stuff came out. It drew the team closer. While addressing the audience on the tegetherness of the team, there was a quiet that decended over the crowd and there was no doubt some maudlin moments amoung some of the guest. To get the full impact of the moment, one had to be present.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      I can appreciate Joker wanting everybody behind the team. I really do. But at some point, it will be counterproductive to the psyches of the collective UK fandom, I think.

      Winning will cure a lot of ills. I am cautiously optimistic we are going to be better than expectations this season, with the bar set so low.