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  • ESPN's Biancardi says no limit to Wiggins' potential


    How good is Huntington Prep’s Andrew Wiggins?

    “Quite frankly, his potential is still to be determined. Right now, I don’t see a limit to his potential right now,” said Paul Biancardi, a former college basketball coach and current national recruiting director for ESPN.

    “He has every physical tool you can imagine as well as a great skill level and great understanding of how to play the game.”

    Wait. There’s more.

    “And he plays hard. He really competes every time,” Biancardi said.

    Wiggins is contemplating whether to remain in the 2014 recruiting class, where he is ranked No. 1, or move to the 2013 class, where he will also be ranked No. 1.

    Kentucky and Florida State, where his father played, continue to be the perceived leaders for Wiggins. Biancardi says he will star in any system, but would be perfectly suited to the style John Calipari uses at Kentucky.

    “He has always been so athletic. He is just an incredible athlete, one you have to see to believe,” Biancardi said. “He has one of the highest verticals (jumps) in his class and then one of the quickest second jumps I have seen in a long time. He’s always had incredible athletic ability, but his skills have gotten better as far as shooting the ball with range. He has a nice pull-up game. He’s almost unstoppable when he drives. He will either score get fouled because of his strength, athletic ability and length. He just explodes to the rim. That’s why he lives at the free throw line.”

    So does he have a weakness?

    “He has it all from a scoring standpoint. He has every conceivable physical tool and his skill level is so good,” Biancardi said. “Like any player, he can always find things to work on. But he’s very, very good and he’s going to be a player that makes someone a great college player.”
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