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  1. UKBaseball gets a commit

    Quote Originally Posted by UKFlounder View Post
    I know nothing about him but saw some tweets about this

    “@PBRMichigan: Nick Plummer (2015, OF, Brother Rice) has committed to the University of Kentucky! @nplum11 @BroRiceWarriors”
  2. UK Signs Massive New Media Rights Deal (Non TV)

    Quote Originally Posted by dtalbersjr View Post
    UK just announced that it signed a massive new multimedia rights deal. $210 million over 15 years with JMI Sports.


    I've only skimmed it, but a few things jumped out immediately.

    -Old deal was $8 million per year and included some TV rights. This deal includes no TV rights (all with SEC Network now), but still jumped to $14 million/year.
    -JMI Sports has never done a college multimedia rights deal
  3. UK Golden Era? 1992-14 In NCAAT We Are 63-18 For 77.8%. 1st 53 NCAAT 53-29

    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl View Post
    In the early years nearly every game was versus a ranked conference champion level opponent and there
    were not as many games, but our 23 year run from 1992-2014 is still danged impressive. By each decade
    UK's record in the NCAAT:

    All time we are 116-47 for 71.2%

    1940-49 8-2 for 80%

    1950-59 13-5 for 72.2%

    1960-69 7-7 for 50%

    1970-79 14-7 for 66.7%

    1980-89 11-8 for 57.9%

  4. Kentucky Bahamas TV Schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
    KENTUCKY BIG BLUE TOUR SCHEDULE (all games at Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium)

    Sunday, August 10: Puerto Rico Reserve Team .......................................... 1 pm ET (ESPNU)

    Monday, August 11: Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket ............................ 1 pm ET (ESPNU)

    Tuesday, August 12: Puerto Rico Reserve Team .......................................... 1 pm ET (ESPNU)

  5. BBN flex your muscles: Email DIRECTV to request they get SEC Network by Aug 15th

    Quote Originally Posted by MTcatfan View Post
    Now that we know that the last 3 games of the Bahamas are on the SEC Network, the BBN members that have DIRECTV need to start emailing DIRECTV to make them understand that we will switch to Dish Network to insure that DIRECTV gets the SEC Network on its start date of August 15th.

    I have been emailing the "pseudo" CEO's email address for the last few months trying to get whoever sees the emails to understand that SEC fans are going to switch to Dish if the SEC Network
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