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  1. Is Jeff Goodman a North Carolina shill?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
    I have to ask the question.

    As akaukswoosh pointed out, he conveniently seemed to run "anonymous poll" stories last week which detracted attention away from North Carolina. He also tweeted that he was hearing from "sources" that Kentucky had been integral in talking with Trey Lyles, who had decommitted from Indiana, before he decommitted, implying a tampering kind of thing. He buffered that by including Syracuse.

    Well, lo and behold, guess what school
  2. #WeAreExcited to announce the new Kentucky Sports Report, and welcome aboard

    We are excited to break away and begin the new Kentucky Sports Report at this site. You will find even more Kentucky-specific news and coverage wall-to-wall than ever before, with no constraints and more concentration of Kentucky fans than you've seen in the past. Six-time defending state champion Larry Vaught, Kentucky Sportswriter of the Year, and an all-around good guy, will be highlighted like never before.

    Want more features? You asked, we're delivering. The software Kentucky ...

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