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  1. UK-UCLA thread

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    Did Collins leave the team and I missed it or is he injured?
    Not that Iíve heard Dan. I pointed out in another thread a day or so ago that from the facial expressions Collins was making on the bench the last two games I believe he is gone.
    After tonight I think I was correct.. something was terribly wrong Iím certain.
  2. MY UK Wildcats 2013/14. A special BBN Thanks for taking us there.

    Having been asked by rival fans more or less, just what did the UK mens basketball team accomplish by being runner up to UConn in the title game? No 40/0 and no season mending national championship trophy to point to when referencing the attention you apply to a game you yourself have no actual part in? (Like they are any different)

    Well, guess I can explain in my own kind of way, and I do so hope it sickens the tummy of any detractors there are out there. If but for a short time ...
  3. College football 2013...A program in review


    Websterís would probably describe this malady as a self perpetuating disease which leaves the collective patient itself alive, yet a non consequential entity, one void of direction or dedication to any great cause or meaningful goal.

    Such was the condition of a certain college football program. One once known for its loyal fan base and itís on the field successes.
    Yep, people were taking notice again and the football world seemed to flourish in ...

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  4. As a champions champion, the young Cats must excel at multiple facets of the game.

    There is a lot of discussion pertaining to how high scoring the upcoming version of Wildcats will be. I'm as concerned as to what we can hold our opponents to scoring wise, among other important stats that help define a champion.

    Here is a list of the top twenty scoring teams from last season.

    1 Iona 80.4
    2 Northwestern St. 80.0
    3 Iowa St. 79.4
    4 LIU Brooklyn 78.7
    5 Indiana 78.6
    6 VMI 78.2
    7 Houston 78.1
    8 Detroit ...