View Full Version : Ordering cables & cords via monoprice.com

Darrell KSR
12-26-2012, 04:39 PM
Thanks again to Pedro for the recommendation.

Ordering three USB - micro-USB cables that are 6' long (much prefer it over 3', I have learned), and two that are 10' (one will go in a designated place and one in my travel bag).

Ordering two USB extenders that are only 1.5' each. This is for my Sony bloggie--I have one that is just a stub that came with it, but I have misplaced it. The bloggie sits beside the computer, so length of the extender isn't the issue; it is that you really don't want the USB metal connection sticking out of the bloggie device to have to support the entire bloggie when plugged into the computer. For this, the shorter the better.

Ordering two 4-port USB 2.1A wall chargers; one to add to my collection of these (for my "travel bag") and one to give to my daughter who needs one.

Will be ordering a female USB to micro USB cable for my son's keyboard that plugs into his tablet. Unfortunately, it's on back order til 12/29, but that's just a few days away, so I'll probably delay my order (can't order it now).

Ordering a hdmi adapter for the tablet as well.

All of this for about $30. That's about what two wall adapters alone would cost. Crazy good prices, and the cables have been terrific quality, gold-plated, and thick, heavy cords.

12-26-2012, 04:49 PM
Wonder if they'd buy back the 100+ of those short USB cables that come with everything. Got a whole pile of them. Probably 500 phone cables. lol.

12-26-2012, 08:36 PM
LOL, CBBN. It's funny I have likely about 20 of those cables but never can seem to find one when I really need it. That being said, if you literally have over 100, try selling them on ebay on craigslist as one bulk lot. Maybe you can get enough to buy a nice bottle of something.