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08-20-2012, 01:21 PM
Not to take away from the other thread on progressive.

I was in an accident back in June when a 120# dog side swiped me in the front wheel of my HD motorcycle. I'm in the process of looking around for insurance through a different company. I've had insurance for 12+ years with my present provider (Erie) and unknown to me, yep read the policy closer, my provider does not even offer medical coverage for motorcycles. I've found out since the accident that Geico, PROGRESSIVE and Allstate are some of the big companies that do offer medical coverage for motorcycles. Fortunately for me I carry health insurance through work so they have picked up the majority of the medical tab, and of course my wallet.

The dog owner has or did not come forward but since I've been told a name of whom may have owned the dog. I gave my insurance company the name and address of this person which they are checking into it.

I was lucky even tho I fractured 7 right ribs, collapsed right lung, fractured right collar bone, fractured right shoulder, road rash right arm, road rash on left hand and some road rash on right face.

I would appreciate any input on the matter if you have or have had coverage with these 3 or any other.


08-20-2012, 03:13 PM
My best advice is to read the fine print on your policy. Be sure of what you are paying to receive.
Don't depend in your agent to explain it to you.
If you have problems in understanding them, gather the ones in which you have an interest, get a sample policy and declaration page and pay an attorney for a consult hour tO know what is included/excluded.

It may seem expensive for that hour of his time, but you won't be surprised when a loss occurs as in your motorcycle incident.