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  1. Pull up a seat and enjoy the new digs
  2. Please PM me with needs, suggestions for new site!
  3. Soooooo...
  4. Testing Avatar & Signature
  5. A friend of mine sent me this on Facebook
  6. Shooting reported in College Station (Texas A&M)
  7. Crack in my windshield I'm gonna fix.....
  8. Wow I leave for a bit and come back to this!
  9. Horshack dies.
  10. Social media
  11. I'm glad this guy is ok--now I can say for sure, it was not CitizenBBN
  12. Help Me: Cancelling my subs to Scout.com
  13. This. Is. Shocking. What if this were your 10 year old child?
  14. Anyone use a CPAP machine at night?
  15. Taking kids to college
  16. Well I have hot sauce on my crotch ...
  17. Weight Loss Thread
  18. 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death
  19. Facebook, For users do you enjoy it anymore
  20. Russian judge finds Pussy Riot guilty as sin.
  21. I wonder if you will see me on "COPS"? (true story)
  22. Letting go of recourse, choosing one's battles, moving on...
  23. UK Schedules on Gmail calendar?
  24. Hey Darrell, Mount Airy
  25. This is where my daughter lived when Tuscaloosa tornado went through: Video implosion
  26. Getting paid after eBay auctions
  27. Finally, finally, finally!!!
  28. Progressive Insurance gets 2 black eyes
  29. Does anyone here deal with CenturyLink?
  30. When do you start your bucket list?
  31. Favorite Feature of the New Forum?
  32. Question on Insurance
  33. I want one
  34. You know you're getting old when....
  35. Howdy boys and girls!
  36. Anyone here a landlord?
  37. Need one for Yahoo fantasy football league..draft tonight
  38. So, what do you think about Lance vs USADA/WADA?
  39. The Little Pool - 2.0
  40. Issac the storm
  41. Neil Armstrong Passes at age 82
  42. MUSIC VIDEO Thread 1: Your Favorite "Go to" Song
  43. Candy Not Corn for Kentucky Cows in Drought
  44. What's your OCD behavior?
  45. I need a new PC. Help me choose.
  46. Subscriptions are now Open!
  47. idiots, It is Mississippi
  48. Jim Cantori, weather guy
  49. RIP, my A/C unit
  50. Fitness forum
  51. How come I can't...
  52. Dont be mean frog :/
  53. Transferring Bookmarks
  54. Bummer, my grandmother passed away tonight
  56. National League Wild Card Standings
  57. Love Greg Anthony
  58. Does anyone else watch the Mecum Auto Auctions?
  59. Not sure if I saw a coyote or a fox last night
  60. Anybody live in Texas? 85mph toll road opening
  61. MUSIC VIDEO THREAD #3: Best Live Performance Video
  62. dont forget, 9/11
  63. Jerry "The King" Lawler
  64. Car thread!
  65. Things that make you scratch your head.....
  66. Bourbon Thread
  67. Favorite comic internet pic?
  68. 49 years ago today, 16th Street Baptist Church bombed in Birmingham
  69. GAtor season, big GAtor
  70. West Liberty festival
  71. Ring of Fire
  72. A Love Story in 22 Pictures
  73. Movie quotes
  74. Very cool!
  75. This will warm your heart, Guaranteed.
  76. Preparing high school athletes for college by not playing high school?
  77. Trinity vs Indianapolis Cathedral
  78. I need Pedro......or someone to tell me about mobilesportstv.net
  79. How being a Benchwarmer taught me everything I need to know in life
  80. New Eastwood basebal movie
  81. Anybody ever been to Breckinridge Colorado?
  82. Kindle users---how do you "share" a book?
  83. Anyone pick up the new iPhone 5 yet?
  84. Worst TV show you enjoyed (video clips welcome)
  85. Getting old....Funny Prayer
  86. MUSIC VIDEO Thread 4: Most Compelling Music Videos
  87. Danville, KY voted #9 on top ten list of small towns in USA
  88. Andy Williams dead at 84
  89. Google Playstore: 25 BILLION downloads, announces $0.25 sale for apps
  90. Ryder Cup
  91. Trinity vs. St. Xavier
  92. Advice on building computer media center?
  93. America's 50 Best Cities/Lexington ranked 25th...
  94. 54 minutes and counting
  95. Darrel's opinion on a technology
  96. Ever play any online games (when you have time)?
  97. American League MVP
  98. Prayers Please
  99. Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine after one season....
  100. Woolly Worms in So. Illinois...
  101. Rock and Roll HOF
  102. Radbirds and Bravos at 5:00 EST
  103. Michael Phelps sinks a putt (golf)
  104. OT: Memorial Service for Donald Ray Lewis ("Oledon")
  105. Cardinals vs Nationals
  106. Hey Doc, doggy question
  107. Got a fflu shot on Tuesday
  108. Perryville
  109. MUSIC VIDEO Thread 5: musical group defining videos
  110. ***Cough***Reds up two games to none***cough***
  111. PSA: XM Radio option
  112. Best Buy.....
  113. The new site is awesome!
  114. Prayers please!
  115. Your first MLB game?
  116. Any Samsung Galaxy III users here?
  117. Giants @ Reds. Rubber game
  118. Do you "Like" something you see on Kentucky Sports Report?
  119. Baseball Stadiums
  120. Cardinals vs Giants NLCS
  121. Wordsmiths of the World
  122. Tigers vs Yankees ALCS
  123. Drink Up Montana you are #3
  124. Caliparis best friend Pete Thamel gets accused of harrassing Honey Badgers family
  125. Awesome Scenery - Humbling Experience
  126. Lane Goodwin passes away
  127. Head Cam of Supersonic Space Jump
  128. Germany/Southern European travel tips on time off?
  129. Lip reading the candidates
  130. Stupid government placing deer crossing signs in high traffic areas!
  131. Video thread: Funniest video
  132. OJ Simpson may be released from prison soon, mistrial motion in progress
  133. Louisvilles mayor is going public with wanting an NBA team
  134. 35 years ago today........
  135. Deer season 2012
  136. The "Badrose please post more pics here" thread
  137. Major airports to remove the god awful X-ray body scanners
  138. World Series Detroit vs San Francisco
  139. Rain, Rain, go away...come back another day
  140. No, it is not an iPad mini
  141. New Gold Rush series on Discovery Channel...
  142. Alright were gonna settle this once and for all...which was better
  143. scenic drives
  144. A "Daily Humor" I just had to share.
  145. Making Army style creamed beef, or.........
  146. How to post a picture...
  147. The most awesome Sandy pic you will ever see
  148. May the Force be with It: New Star Wars Films on the Way
  149. Oledon's Memorial Service (pic and card included)
  150. * Quick - Standalone DVD recorder/burner for TV? *
  151. Anyone know how to remove a cut/fresh scar from someone's face in a photo?
  152. Man divorces/sues wife over ugly baby...and wins
  153. Prayers for a local community theatre director
  154. Mark McGuire to the Dodgers
  155. Gmail, Mozilla Firefox, and 64-bit Windows 7
  156. Fleetwood Mac
  157. This is why you dont buy electronics at Walmart
  158. Tremor felt in Eastern Kentucky
  159. Veterans Day Roll Call: KSR Veterans
  160. Opening Day of Deer Season, Well??????????
  161. How ESPN ditched journalism and followed Skip Bayless to the Bottom
  162. Mmmm.....Beer. Beer Thread Part II Electric Boogaloo
  163. Foundation work
  164. Why do you live where you live?
  165. The 2005 Hurricance Season...as a comic
  166. 180 million dead rats
  167. Say it ain't so....Hostess to close
  168. Here we go again, major conference expansion talks heating up again
  169. I, Pencil....
  170. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  171. Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Day) Deals, anyone?
  172. You've got leukemia...and Thanksgiving
  173. Life of Pie
  174. Larry Hagman has died
  175. Tom Cruise IS NOT JACK REACHER!!
  176. Car welcome message
  177. Life of pie II
  178. Fat mannequins
  179. I've applied for a new job!
  180. OT:Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil
  181. Better than GPS?
  182. Chat open for UK v Baylor!!!
  183. New Orleans Hornets to become New Orleans Pelicans
  184. The perfect satire for this years CFB coaching carousel
  185. 101 minutes waiting, and counting
  186. Testing forum runner
  187. Going from Apple to Android. Advice?
  188. Gun cabinet
  189. A Bunch of 12's in BHam
  190. Recommendations for inexpensive android tablet for kids?
  191. Help needed!
  192. Link for 121212 concert
  193. Shooting inside Birmingham Federal Courthouse
  194. A Great site for wallpapers and backgrounds!
  195. Gangnam Style about to hit 1 billion views
  196. Pedro et al, try that image in your sig
  197. Golfers - quick deal on Titlest Pro VI golf balls $25
  198. Face of Jesus on charity hospital door?
  199. Game of Thrones Books
  200. Let's help this Kentucky kid break a record!
  201. I finally moved into the 21st century w/my phone!
  202. Recommended Lexington hotel?
  203. Local paper receives info on school threat and won't release name of author
  204. Public service announcemet for Instagram users
  205. Life's simple pleasures...finding out your optometrist is a UK alumnus
  206. Paul Harvey - The Man And The Bird
  207. CBBN or Pedro
  208. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
  209. Since tomorrow is the end of the world...
  210. So this is what it is like
  211. Fav "message board" pics
  212. Christmas, and under my tree, "deep remission".
  213. Folks in the South be careful of weather today
  214. Bless the military, the medical providers & our police
  215. prayers please
  216. Who likes egg nog?
  217. Ordering cables & cords via monoprice.com
  218. New App for android and iPhone users for coaches/others for outdoors
  219. ICE! Who has been this year?
  220. Here is a fun video...guy is good
  221. Comedian Quotes
  222. Cinnamon Red Hot Applesauce
  223. Oh, joy...another food allergy
  224. Would have been 22 years
  225. Rest in Peace Elenor
  226. Youth basketball coaches -- what ages do you change goal height/basketball sizes?
  227. 19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You
  228. NBA team called best way to brand Louisville as an international city
  229. A Small Contribution
  230. Welcome to Cooperstown
  231. Sammy Sosa doing good for the baseball community in retirement
  232. Might just be the best invention ever.....
  233. Prayers Please
  234. Anybody know where I can get some good firewood?
  235. Pete Thamel ruined again, Manti Te'o dead GF story is FAKE
  236. Things you like but most people think are weird
  237. James Hood Died Yesterday at Age 70
  238. Stan the Man dies
  239. Photography Help!
  240. Tim Brown says Bill Callahan sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVII
  241. Deer hunter...finally connected
  242. Astrophotography...
  243. Lawyer question
  244. Jury duty
  245. Report: Tennessee athletic dept $200M in debt
  246. Twinkies, Yes There is Hope Alice
  247. Tom Jurich to completely destroy whats left of the UofLOL fanbase
  248. OT - Good luck to Darrell and the crew!!!
  249. Things you hate (or think are weird) that most people like
  250. Ad push on my android phone from official eBay app?