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  1. Introducing the newest certified family nurse practitioner!!
  2. Leaning toward the OnePlus 6 over the Samsung S9 plus
  3. Happy Birthday, Doc!
  4. For anyone interested here is our fourth song release
  5. solar landscape lights
  6. Tiny, or at least, very small, bluetooth transmitter/dongle thing for mp3 player?
  7. Mars
  8. Volcano vs Hurricane
  9. Large, flat screen TV or projector system for home theater inquiry
  10. How Often Do You Eat Ice Cream?
  11. New Orleans Restaurant Advice???
  12. Follow up to my media room Q, Surround Sound System Recs?
  13. Help! I may have asked this before--can I stream camcorder live to internet?
  14. Happy Birthday to.......Snoopy!
  15. Happy Birthday to Badrose!
  16. Car battery, marine battery, or something else?
  17. Watch out Alabama, West Virginia is hot on your heels!
  18. Who's my friend, who's my buddy?
  19. Restoring Cedar?
  20. So my daughter's $50 tire goes flat
  21. Aretha Franklin dies at 76
  22. Fitbit Replacement Band
  23. Happy Birthday Keith!
  24. Gas station close to me... This is a skimmer
  25. Happy Birthday Brian..
  26. Greatest Legal Movies of all time
  27. Anyone use a VPN hardware appliance or Windows VPN?
  28. WYMT news report...
  29. Cruise ship internet and cell phone
  30. John McCain passed this afternoon
  31. Any real good bbq places? Lexington, BG, to Louisville, etc..
  32. Pro-tip on hotel air conditioning units
  33. Tim Conway not doing well.
  34. Repairs to my Nissan Frontier
  35. PSA: Flash Sale for Six Flags Patrons -- 70% off season passes
  36. Twitter Follow Recommendation: @bestofnextdoor
  37. The fifth song in our CD project entitled "These trying Times"
  38. Twitter experts-what does this mean?
  39. Google Timeline....
  40. PSA: Cleaning your gas grill and a super-serious warning
  41. Traveling on Labor Day
  42. I'm moving to Missouri to vote for this guy
  43. Do you use a cell phone cradle or anything to hold your cell phone in car?
  44. What's your grill setup?
  45. Burt Reynolds dead at 82.
  46. business cards
  47. Problem: internal door closing noise
  48. Never Forget: 9/11
  49. My morning with DirecTV
  50. Taco Bell named best Mexican restaurant
  51. Cubs Fans or baseball fans or Internet research gurus
  52. Heading to California
  53. Those of you in North and South Carolina
  54. Johns Creek Georgia
  55. I don't know if this is cool, or an annoyance...my camera's "pro" mode
  56. Hey Mick... Camp Tekawitha having Open House this afternoon
  57. Non-political...do you wear "matched" gear?
  58. Oh, this is a great scam...
  59. Can't Log Into Tap a Talk
  60. Disney park hopper
  61. Times have changed
  62. 7 year 0ld girl belts out national anthem pre game at soccer match
  63. Cosby gets 3 to 10 years.
  64. Public Service Announcement: pop-up ad after telephone calls
  65. Robellini palm thorns...ouch
  66. I learned something tonight
  67. Bad Joke of the Day
  68. Co Founder of Jefferson Airplane Marty Balin RIP
  69. Software for recording live streams
  70. If you own a dog, know this:
  71. My daughter is trying to kill me!
  72. Strange sightings or phenomenon
  73. Cape Cod
  74. Future trips
  75. Candy Corn Season
  76. Michael
  77. Nice article on Berea College
  78. Home Security Systems??
  79. PSA: 40th anniversary of "The Shootist" Pyramid Air gun special
  80. Anybody recommend a Fitbit Zip competitor?
  81. Hacked again......
  82. Bought your billion dollar lottery ticket yet?
  83. Your last "good idea"...that failed....
  84. My battle with critters
  85. Beer prices to double, or triple?
  86. What are your favorite Twitter follows?
  87. So....my life insurance agent called me today
  88. Tomorrow starts my new journey
  89. Annual Trek Southward
  90. This might be the creepiest halloween costume I ever saw
  91. Florida Mayor trading sex for speed bumps
  92. Heads up for Spotify Family Plan Account Holders: Free Google Home Mini
  93. 11-11-18
  94. My daughter's final shift at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
  95. Why is WKRP In Cincy not in syndication?
  96. Stan Lee dead at 95
  97. Our sixth song. Dedicated to my cousin Sandra who just passed away.
  98. Mirror writing, for fun and games
  99. RIP, Henry dog
  100. Roy Clark dead at 85
  101. Telescope for kids
  102. Need help finding an app
  103. Throw away your Romaine lettuce, guys
  104. Any particular Black Friday app you prefer?
  105. Shots fired Riverchase Galleria tonight
  106. 2nd try at live streaming events.....
  107. Ever been to a concert that was cancelled 20 min after it was suppose to start?
  108. Picked up a new handgun today, impulse buy
  109. OK...I can't think of a word...I've been (jokingly?) accused of being this before...
  110. I think a word was missing from this story
  111. Am I getting scammed, and how
  112. PSA: 30 For 30, Boob Knight Tonight ESPN 7:30 est.
  113. Great Game Show Moment: Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  114. When you're trying to connect a phone to an app....
  115. One of my favorite guitarists, Andy Timmons
  116. RIP Penny Marshall
  117. Awesome commercial
  118. A new holiday tradition
  119. Have a beer with anybody?
  120. For the whiskey fans
  121. Where is Santa App
  122. We lost our little Yuki today!
  123. Animal Kingdom
  124. Commonwealth Common Core Infraction
  125. Any cool Christmas gift you received?
  126. Does anybody get things engraved anymore?
  127. Online Bucket List Map
  128. New Years Eve just around the corner...RIP in 2018. Those who passed list
  129. Any advice for daughter traveling to Greece in January?
  130. Song #7 in my cd project
  131. PSA : Short Notice, Ken Burns Documentary,Baseball Starts Tonight .
  132. RIP Daryl Dragon
  133. Arrested in Alabama!
  134. Hey, you single guys... I've got a prospect for you
  135. Some backyard pics....
  136. Internet/Google-type researchers--looking for a site similar to this one
  137. Snow report:
  138. Snow report:
  139. Birmingham lost a police officer last night in line of duty
  140. Hello, Dolly! Rest in Peace, Carol Channing
  141. Frosty fights back
  142. Summer Vacation
  143. Blood Moon last night
  144. Knight Fight...anybody watch it
  145. Girl bench presses 355 lbs
  146. How many people grill outside in the winter?
  147. For my friends in Birmingham
  148. UK gymnastics take note..
  149. Computer Docking Station question
  150. Would it be outrageously expensive--and where do you find--logo monogram people?
  151. Appliance Help?
  152. Martin boxes
  153. I'm glad folks here aren't college basketball fans
  154. Odds are a colleague of mine died today
  155. Any way to JUST watch the Super Bowl commercials tomorrow?
  156. Ruger EC9s
  157. New York
  158. Any private pilots here?
  159. Happy Birthday, Kingcat!
  160. CA to GA?
  161. New website is up and running
  162. My Office ISP
  163. How much would you take to be bumped.from a flight?
  164. Need Help Finding An App
  165. Weighted blankets?
  166. Kentucky cheerleader (not Univ of KY) dies after event
  167. Donít be takiní all them crab legs!
  168. RIP Katherine Helmond
  169. Are you giving up anything for Lent?
  170. Alec Trabek diagnosed with cancer
  171. Sirius Xm playing the top 1000 rock & roll songs on channel 30
  172. Live Video Streaming to YouTube Questions
  173. Golfers... This look familiar?
  174. President Ronald Reagan
  175. America's most liveable city is...
  176. In the category of "it doesn't matter," but goofy soccer tourney
  177. Here is our eighth song entitled "Joe the Outlaw Man"
  178. Is it just me?
  179. Well this is good news
  180. If you have a flight booked with WOW Air, start looking for Plan B
  181. So, what's the latest dumb thing you did?
  182. Question: how do screen capture video WITH audio? Or alternative?
  183. ? for the Birmingham contingent
  184. It's a little dusty in here
  185. I nominate her for the 2019 Darwin Award
  186. Day at Barrett Jackson
  187. This is really cool...Close Encounters of the Third Kind kid...
  188. Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is burning
  189. Guy records the final moments of his life
  190. Baseball fans...this is really cool
  191. What do you recommend to copy SD card to flash drive?
  192. Nroen
  193. NHC releases 86-page report on Hurricane Michael -- officially upgraded to Cat 5
  194. OT: Mountain Brook High School golf team...on fire....
  195. Facebook Live Video... What happened here?
  196. Odds of us getting in a soccer game in 4 hours
  197. Just heard the John Havlicek died
  198. Kudos to these young men
  199. Yet another shooting...this one in San Diego CA
  200. We know this will never happen in Chapel Hill
  201. Cool game-tying soccer goal tonight (Video)
  202. Play Kentucky Derby, 2019 KSR Style
  203. Total destruction
  204. Hey Birminghaminians!!
  205. OMG....High School Yearbook SNAFU today locally
  206. My New Backyard for Two Weeks
  207. High schools across US hosting 'military signing days'
  208. Podcasts, anyone?
  209. LOL - I called, "Cartwright. Cartwright"
  210. Doris Day died today.
  211. Tim Conway passes at 85.
  212. A ? for CBBN -or- any of our other gun guys here
  213. Father Jonathan asks to leave the priesthood.
  214. Go Pros Or Similar Cameras??
  215. Have a drink... and yes it's pure clean ocean water
  216. In honor of Memorial day...10 best war movies
  217. Thereís a Lot to Learn About How Blue Light Affects Our Eyes
  218. Bill Buckner passed away
  219. So...without an iPhone...can you buy an iPad and do Facetime, iPhone location sharing
  220. On my 65th birthday, I wrote a letter......
  221. Wildest lightning strike ever?
  222. Just off the plate...
  223. PSA: Deadwood The Movie
  224. OT: The Stella Liebeck v McDonald's Coffee Cup Case
  225. Any Google Docs experts here?
  226. D-Day 75th Anniversary... WW2 Photos
  227. A salute to "Whitey"
  228. Asking the impossible.. Can anyone read this?
  229. Dr John RIP
  230. Microsoft Outlook Error Sending Emails.....Can anyone Help?
  231. Honda lawnmower reaches 100 mph in 6 seconds for world record, video shows
  232. Here is our ninth song called Endless Sun..
  233. Next gulf coast visit? St George Island?
  234. Headed home from ft walton
  235. Guilty pleasure - 1 minute video watch (for gun/shooting enthusiasts)
  236. Best airlines of 2019
  237. My nephew's (Warning..U of L related) vulcanized rubber recycling invention
  238. Got an issue with logging on to the site...
  239. Propel Zero
  240. Nowhere else on the internet to put this
  241. Retirement thoughts
  242. Italy
  243. Guadalajara, Mexico, hail/ice accumulation on June 30
  244. Lexington is 5th "Best Run City" in US
  245. Reason #1 to not have a crocodile farm
  246. How was your experience?
  247. The Mycelium Revolution
  248. One year ago yesterday, my brother called me
  249. Florida - Atlantic Side
  250. Another song in the project..