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  1. PSA-Please be careful on the roads at Christmas time
  2. Okay, did not open the..........
  3. To ALL of my fellow Big Blue Nation family..........
  4. What's your traditional Christmas dinner?
  5. Soiled Dove
  6. PSA for DroidTV app subscription for active duty military
  7. Exercise, fitness, weight, calories, and overall health: Christmas Eve 2016-until
  8. Ask Ethan: Could We Reach The Speed Of Light By Christmas?
  9. Alright, who is still up wrapping gifts, or putting toys together?
  10. 2016ís Most Stunning Space Photos
  11. Super typhoon Nock-ten
  12. New Tunnel/Bridge into IN from the Ville
  13. From the Sun to "Planet Nine": A stunning tour of our solar system
  14. Gravitational Waves: From Discovery Of The Year To Science Of The Century
  15. An interesting question
  16. Where do you get most of your "news" these days?
  17. Wheel of Fortune Bonehead
  18. Ok-received a Peacock hand warmer for Christmas
  19. New Yearís comet: How to watch (wonít be returning to Earth for thousands of years)
  20. Biggest loss of 2016
  21. You bet you have two packages for me
  22. Wedding blog
  23. RemixOS
  24. Darrell, I have a question
  25. Bluetooth tech download question
  26. Anyone ready to meet Amy??
  27. Battery charging advice
  28. Some decent eTextbooks on sale on Amazon @ 90% off (Kindle Editions)
  29. The Return of the Greatest Television Show of All Time and HOW to Watch It
  30. Not in the immediate market for it, but inexpensive color laser printers?
  31. Game: When was the last time you...
  32. TV ear buds
  33. Luther Crowell invented the paper bag back in 1873
  34. Soiled Dove ~ Part Two
  35. Need some advice on giving a presentation
  36. Had to send one of my fur babies.........
  37. Amy update
  38. So....these newfangled doctor offices
  39. Prayers for the good people of Hattiesburg and Petal
  40. Let's talk about straws
  41. My Current gun wish list
  42. Mary Tyler Moore passed away to day.
  43. Butch Trucks R.I.P.
  44. Moving Time Ramble
  45. Apollo 1 happened 50 years ago today
  47. Calories and the body getting used to it/ramping up theories?
  48. Okay computer people, I need some advice........
  49. Life's too short for.....
  50. Net Neutrality
  51. I promise, this is an innocent request - I need a UCLA Cheerleader outfit/costume
  52. car stereo question
  53. R.I.P. Al Jarreau
  54. Tactical shotgun
  55. Valentines Day: how did you meet your significant other?
  56. Name an "app" that....
  57. Stand up desk
  58. Rail Travel
  59. CCW permit holders and records request
  60. Potential HIV Vaccine Progress
  61. 300 Yards
  62. Pedro/others: tell me about Plex
  63. Pro Tip of the Week: Costco Premium Gasoline
  64. What do you buy at Costco or Sam's? And why is your membership justified?
  65. Have to give myself a little pat on the back
  66. Of mice and (men's) pen....
  67. What are you writing with today?
  68. Doc - Dog Question
  69. I'm thinking about getting a new cell phone--tell me which one you like
  70. My heart is heavy today......,.
  71. I expect a little more respect around here now--I am working with the FBI
  72. Flashlight fiends--here's a 16,000 lumens flashlight on sale
  73. Streamsmart--tell me about it
  74. Slingbox
  75. Sump pump or something similar?
  76. Chuck Berry dead at 90
  77. Touchpad scroll not working
  78. Earbuds/Headphones/Speakers For Ears??
  79. How inexpensively could this be constructed?
  80. Chuck Barris dead
  81. Vacation help - Memphis to NOLA to Orange Beach
  82. Couple of new/neat (to me) Nashville restaurant spots to hit
  83. Pedro, other technophiles, texting from a landline question
  84. How the King learned about text messages
  85. Kong: Skull Island
  86. Had to show my driver's license tonight
  87. Kentucky residents, nasty weather possible later this afternoon and tonight
  88. Had a snake in our house today..
  89. Don Rickles dead at 90
  90. RIP John Geils of the J Geils Band
  91. Can we talk about United Flight thing here?
  92. Phone Repair Help
  93. Used/Resale Phone Market
  94. Anybody had rotator cuff surgery before?
  95. PSA: Season 3 Fargo Starts Tonight.
  96. Boring soccer talk
  97. Erin Moran, Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days dies at 56
  98. 50 Years Ago Vladimir Komarov died
  99. Cassini going ring diving near Saturn
  100. Kerry Turman, Temptations Bassist RIP. He Was 59
  101. Brockmire on IFC
  102. Austin/San Antonio: what's good?
  103. Ditching cable. Some questions...
  104. PSA: Squatty Potty Sale
  105. Recommendations for external hard drives on sale?
  106. Final exams over, grades turned in
  107. Play Kentucky Derby Contest, 2017 Version
  108. Better Call Saul predictions
  109. Kentucky: The Mosquito State
  110. Fire Tablet Comparison? Help?
  111. Hey B-hamians? Need A Traffic Report..
  112. Local soccer club website - can somebody check this out?
  113. PG-13 joke thread (ok, maybe you can touch R, but don't cross it)
  114. High Nine
  115. For those who want a cheap Raspberry Pi
  116. I do not like....
  117. Today's breakfast
  118. This estimate sounded way high--any ideas here? 2009 Honda Odyssey Van
  119. PSA contact lens deal at Walgreens
  120. I've kinda forgotten about that "backup" cell phone...question--
  121. A little sad IMO - Ringling had their last circus performance tonight
  122. Right decision or not, moon dust?
  123. Birmingham area BBQ Joints -- for future reference, part II
  124. Very cool Roger Moore story...
  125. Too late to ask for this year....laptop "hood?"
  126. Computer hard drive question please
  127. I hope this works...
  128. Much love and respect for my in-laws
  129. Gregg Allman Passes away at 69 today
  130. Forner Baseball great and KY Senator Jim Bunning Gone at 85
  131. Watching White Rabbit Project (new Mythbusters) on Netflix
  132. Video version of PowerPoint
  133. Would have been JFK's 100th birthday today
  134. Every Beetles song, ranked 1 to 188
  135. PSA for "House of Cards" fans
  136. Anybody know a good way to search for something very specific on VRBO?
  137. 2.5" SSD hard drive
  138. Tomorrow I Move to Versailles
  139. It was 50 years ago today SGT Pepper taught the band to play
  140. Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or ...Volkswagen New Beetle?
  141. So... I impressed myself with an afternoon run
  142. More terrorist attacks, this time in London
  143. Powers Booth passed away last month
  144. June 6
  145. Burning smell in 2012 Hyundai Accent
  146. Best Bar Close To Papa John Stadium?
  147. Suggestions for a quick trick to Nashville?
  148. RIP, the real Batman
  149. Ouch. Marriage proposal at Fireflies game
  150. Flashlight/Headlamp nerds....here's a good inexpensive (cheap) one
  151. Dolby Atmos
  152. Actress Glenne Headly dead at 62.
  153. Your Top Movies of the 21st Century
  154. PSA: Sgt. Peppers Special on PBS Tonight
  155. Do YOU know the "Best Business Lawyer in Birmingham?"
  156. Sweet dreams tonight
  157. Birmingham
  158. Birmingham needs to get the heck out of Alabama
  159. Grilling in the rain
  160. My Father's Day Gift
  161. The speed I normally drive on the interstate highway is......
  162. Off-the wall, or "bad" sports drills you encountered as a player
  163. Anybody use dinner by mail services?
  164. What the hell happened???
  165. The story of "Little Bit"
  166. Savannah Georgia
  167. I'm 4-4!
  168. P.S.A. AMC's The Preacher Is Back
  169. My new blog post is up
  170. Old Slapstick Comedy
  171. Anybody ever use travel insurance?
  172. So...I was attempting to get an idea of possible tropical weather a month from now...
  173. Do It Yourself Engine Light Diagnostic Devices
  174. Have some minor league baseball games coming up....
  175. Mediterranean cruise suggestions
  176. Happy Independence Day! Can't believe America is 2017 years old today
  177. Their honeymoon to the Bahamas
  178. Lake Winnepesaukah
  179. Get Out of Jail Free Card: What is your driving speed now?
  180. Seven Years Ago....I was celebrating my 50th Birthday
  181. Be careful who you follow on Twitter!
  182. Anyone ever get completely overwhelmed by things that never bothered you before?
  183. $2740
  184. USA Total Solar Eclipse 2017
  185. Travel Bucket List?
  186. Back To School... Already!
  187. All Aboard
  188. Photography guys...
  189. webcam
  190. Wow, I have a new respect for you academic folks
  191. Why kill Cassini? Saturn probe's fate carefully considered
  192. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 50th Anniversary
  193. Leash Ideas
  194. Got to see CitizenBBN do his professional thing tonight
  195. North Mississippi Osborne...
  196. New blog post
  197. Test...
  198. Tanned and relaxed
  199. Sam Shepard RIP
  200. Alabama Jailbreak Using Peanut Butter
  201. Why didn't I think of this?
  202. Solar Eclipse for Trump!
  203. The Hotel Breakfast Bar
  204. Amelia Island
  205. Recommendations for a super easy to use/update, inexpensive personal website
  206. How to gracefully avoid touchy conversation topics
  207. Who knew? the Nigerian email thing was true after all
  208. RIP Glen Campbell
  209. Anybody use a dash cam?
  210. PSA: 30 Years of Classic Science Fiction free
  211. A great deal FWIW
  212. Vacation photos
  213. PSA Dieting tip... A pint of ice cream
  214. PSA: MoviePass $9.95/month
  215. I'm back to video and sound questions
  216. Hacking a tall tripod option
  217. Ever tried karaoke?
  218. Darrell's Coaster Nightmare
  219. PSA: If you don't have NASA-approved eclipse glasses--make an EASY pinhole projector
  220. "The Path of Totality"
  221. Video-only Question(s)/Project Here: First--enlarging/cropping video
  222. Jerry Lewis passed away today at age 91
  223. OK just to seal Jeep Grand Cherokee glass lift gate shut?
  224. Patient Encounter Specialist
  225. Doc... You feel my pain...
  226. Lenovo Customer Service....not sure if I approve or disapprove yet
  227. First $150,000 from tonight's charity event goes to Houston Red Cross
  228. It's Game Day!
  229. Harvey
  230. This Month's Darwin Award
  231. PSA: Blazing Saddles Tonight at 10:00 on TCM
  232. Drinking four cups of coffee a day lowers risk of death
  233. Anheuser-Busch brewery halts production to send water to Harvey victims
  234. Six die in van trying to escape Harvey
  235. Gas prices
  236. NYC - $13 a pack for smokes
  237. Houston gouging
  238. All Things Video Thread (Movie or TV)
  239. TAGS show little known tid bits
  240. Irma
  241. Funniest Town Name in all 50 states
  242. There's a gazillion pet posts on FB but this one stands out.
  243. Echo in my car
  244. Tires....
  245. Toilets
  246. Equifax breach advice sought
  247. CBD Oil
  248. Never forget!
  249. The end of young love
  250. I understand logistics...and the importance of human life....however....