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  1. For the first time in 7 years, I will have no reason to visit Tuscaloosa
  2. All you can eat buffets are the Devil
  3. Weirdest psychic /paranormal type thing you've experienced
  4. Remote helicopters
  5. Those poor people on the Gulf Coast panhandle... 24" rain in 25 hours
  6. More Camera Talk
  7. KSR Kentucky Derby Contest
  8. Hypothetical concerning Amanda Knox
  9. Dear Progressive Insurance
  10. Even more Camera talk
  11. Need Restaurant Info for Perdido Key????
  12. What are your vacation plans this summer? Quick trip recommendations for others?
  13. Large Num Nums
  14. iPhone alternatives - any ideas?
  15. Attn: Mick
  16. Cloud-based planner/to-do list recommendations?
  17. Uh-oh just entered AL
  18. 2nd Rooted phone...whew, this one was close
  19. Amelia Island info
  20. PSA for today: Unroll.me Gmail plug in.
  21. From the Walmart parking lot
  22. I heard something good this morning on the radio
  23. Is Country Music dying?
  24. Anybody ever use "TRIPADVISOR"?
  25. I'm a website!
  26. &^%(*&
  27. An 11-year old girl qualifies for US Women's Open
  28. Rechargeable battery power bank
  29. Water moccasin!
  30. Portable air compressor - advice?
  31. For all of you with weather interests along the ATL coast and the GOM Basin
  32. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever........
  33. NYPD beings deploying heroin antidote
  34. Handed out a one page Student "Contract" last night in my class
  35. Any soccer fans on this board?
  36. Very pretty, but very dumb
  37. RIP Rik Mayall
  38. PSA: Ctrl-Z
  39. Fitbit Zip, Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex or Jawbone Up fitness tracker?
  40. SwiftKey keyboard now free
  41. Drive By Truckers at Busters in Lex Tomorrow Night?
  42. $50k raised for burned Lexington chef.
  43. June 14 National Bourbon Day
  44. anybody ever flown on SPIRIT AIRLINES
  45. The History of Android
  46. Bardstown makes Fodor's List of Top Ten Small Towns in the USA
  47. Louisiana fishing trip
  48. Fargo!
  49. What is your Brazilian soccer nickname?
  50. Photography contest
  51. Cult app - DroidTV
  52. Seedless Grapes + Lime Jello
  53. Mark Emmert Appreciation night
  54. Exercise/Walking/Steps Thread - Peer Pressure Posting
  55. Weight loss thread revisited
  56. Anyone use budgeting (or non QB accounting) software?
  57. How fast do you type on your phone?
  58. RIP, Aereo
  59. Fitbit Users -join Fitbit group, "Kentucky Fans and Kentucky Sports Report Peeps"
  60. PSA: 31 Paid Amazon Apps Free Today
  61. Move over Flat Stanley
  62. Did Lexington celebrate?
  63. "The Leftovers" on HBO
  64. iphone owners
  65. Power goes out at work
  66. T minus 12 hours....
  67. USA! USA! USA! Joey Chestnut rules
  68. Gorgeous day for a Birmingham walk
  69. Fireworks photos
  70. computer wiring/streamin question
  71. For the techies: Microsoft giving away free Intel Galileo's
  72. What are you writing with now? Pen-pencil talk
  73. Cottonmouth or Rat snake
  74. Top 10 (bottom 10?) Most corrupt states in the U.S.
  75. Andy Griffith fans: neat article on the show
  76. The Bridge is back tonight
  77. The new old boat
  78. Did you have any of these toys growing up?
  79. The Sounds of Muscle Shoals
  80. Train ride
  81. New Weird Al Album!
  82. Duck!!
  83. Another Malaysian airliner crashes!
  84. Cleveland, Ga. haircut place
  85. Heads Up: WootStout 2.0 is out
  86. RIP James Garner
  87. Spring Training
  88. FX renews Fargo's second season
  89. Trigger Hippy
  90. PSA - Canon Pixma Pro 100 color wireless + Lightroom 5 - $98 after rebate
  91. Mint.com
  92. Tech Support
  93. KSR Fitbit Group Update
  94. My conversation with an Internet Scammer
  95. Mick exercises here, close to me
  96. Any idea what this rifle is?
  97. When the Game Stands Tall
  98. What would you do?? Get a lawyer?
  99. New U K-ave pictures
  100. Education making robotic kids
  101. Just made a nice primavera sauce, & getting ready to........
  102. Shark Week
  103. Boxing "Glass Shoulder"
  104. Best war movie?
  105. Are you ready for some...
  106. Mythbusters fans
  107. 113 heat index - great fútbol weather
  108. PSA - anybody need a TV?
  109. Frosted Mini wheats cereal
  110. Looking at beds
  111. PBS psa
  112. Humorous Lawsuit
  113. Joan Rivers unconscious for three days now
  114. Home Depot Hacked - Possibly Severe - A Heads up!
  115. Dove season 2014!!!
  116. The end of Twitter as we know it?
  117. Okay, the last two weeks of vacation.........
  118. Google Now Reminders question
  119. Get Terry Crews as your navigation voice
  120. Need Some Feedback on Mobile Phone Providers
  121. More monoprice orders!
  122. Today's Darwin Award
  123. What is Corbin like (as a place to live?)
  124. Hey Pappy
  125. Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
  126. All time favorite movie
  127. All time favorite Western
  128. ARRR!! Me- buck'O !!
  129. How much of this is true
  130. $36
  131. Tire question
  132. What do you look for in a vacation spot?
  133. PSA - Amazon App Store $165 of free apps deal
  134. Hey Doc, stop the rain
  135. Stopped by TigerDirect yesterday in Georgia
  136. Pretty fun app -- Paper Camera
  137. Wrestler challenges Jiu Jitsu instructor in Decatur, Alabama
  138. Just want to share some happy news!
  139. I know I should ask T-Mobile this question
  140. 8 PM @ the Pizza Palace..........
  141. Man, talk about a rip off
  142. Back from Disney
  143. OT - any way to get shadow out of photo?
  144. amazon question
  145. Question for the Mayor of Bozeman
  146. Citizen, gun question
  147. Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night's Weather Warning
  148. Awkward Prom Photos
  149. A la carte cable begins (sort of)
  150. Suggestions of things to see or do in Louisville next weekend?
  151. Huge Paralysis Breakthrough
  152. Jethro Tull tonight
  153. PSA - Amazon App Store, Free $16.64 credit
  154. Jack Bruce has died
  155. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  156. &*^%&* shrimp
  157. RIP Allman Brothers Band
  158. Why is it when I go to a bar I always end up siting next to the biggest
  159. Crappy day! RIP Mojo
  160. This should be the Game of Thrones theme
  161. Hey Darrell
  162. Birmin'ham Mafia: Why doesn't Regions Bank have a UK logo Visa/Debit card?
  163. The Force Awakens
  164. Math Aps/wen site
  165. To all the vets
  166. Cartwright's Cold Cure
  167. Going to re-do my home office equipment
  168. 2014-15 Season: Are you getting a flu shot?
  169. PSA: Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack free on Google Play
  170. Producer Director MIke Nichols Dies
  171. Greatest College Sports Prank Ever
  172. My newest baby (guitar)
  173. UK Provost Resigns
  174. Why can't I watch some videos ...
  175. Can you figure this out?
  176. Pretty Cool video
  177. I keep going back to Best Buy...what the heck is wrong with me?
  178. Spectator walking stick seats
  179. South Dakota wants to remind you "Don't Jerk and Drive"
  180. OT PSA - Dick's Sporting Goods has NCAA hoodies on sale
  181. What are the chances?
  182. Oh-my-ever-loving-goodness
  183. Plumber's old truck ends up in Syria
  184. FitBit questions??
  185. I'm now the owner of an 8 cylinder SUV
  186. Joe Cocker RIP??
  187. Back in Lexington for the holidays
  188. Merry Christmas to all
  189. Safe travels to all who are traveling this week
  190. HELP! Coaching youth basketball?
  191. Who is driferstoc?
  192. Web Designer needed
  193. New Year's Resolutions?
  194. Traditional New year's Day Cuisine for you?
  195. Movie Review: Unbroken
  196. Dang, Elly Mae died
  197. Tapatalk version 3.3
  198. For those looking to ditch cable: Dish SlingTV
  199. Cat opens drawer, gets busted
  200. 150 - car pileup on Michigan interstate
  201. I Don't Follow NASCAR...
  202. Favorite Beach Rental??
  203. Do Emmett's Fix-it shops exist anymore?
  204. American Sniper
  205. BEvans, Doc...others....Disney Deals?
  206. Eating While Driving
  207. Justified is back on.....
  208. What kind of light bulbs do you use?
  209. Ron Paul's rebuttal to the latest SOTU offered by the POTUS
  210. Sweet Home Alabama...where the tooth is so loose
  211. Battery terminal "going bad?" - car question
  212. Renovating a kitchen
  213. A Second Novel from Harper Lee
  214. Impractical Jokers
  215. This really dislike this part of my job.......
  216. Two Tulane Law School students dead
  217. So Vermont proposes a state motto in Latin
  218. I hate broken bones
  219. My new photography website
  220. Joining the Alabama Mafia
  221. Movies to break the winter "blahs"
  222. $3.5 billion Muscle Shoals Theme Park
  223. Trader Joes Cobb Salad
  224. HVAC/ UV-light question
  225. Brian Williams proof of latest story
  226. New family member
  227. Need a laugh?
  228. In honor of Snowpocalypse 2015
  229. I coach my final regular season basketball game Sunday
  230. BourbonTucky on Direct TV
  231. The Book of Mormon
  232. Welcome to the KSR Board!
  233. Ash Wdenesday
  234. Got our condensed milk and vanilla extract last night.....
  235. Nevermind...
  236. PSA: 1 yr of ESPN Magazine: $5
  237. I know there is at least one Center Grad here
  238. I can se the headline now
  239. 71 degrees on way home from Basketball practice tonight... schools closed tomorrow
  240. I hate Daylight Savings Time
  241. Coolest trophy around? At least amateur sports?
  242. The season ended with a disappointing loss, but the kids never disappointed me
  243. Chattanooga Ghost Walk
  244. Pedro--man, this Surface Pro has been fantastic at the SEC tourney
  245. What's for lunch today?
  246. That basketball player who joined the Whiffenpoofs...
  247. PSA: 3 TB external hard drive $80
  248. New Orleans: what's good?
  249. Darrell, or one of you other legal types
  250. Sci-Fi and Thriller Book Suggestions.