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  1. It is FOOTBALL Season!!
  2. Please PM me with needs, suggestions for new site!
  3. Please PM me with needs, suggestions for new site!
  4. Ole Terry Blue is here!
  5. Glenn Faulkner to have MRI
  6. UK reaching out to former football players?
  7. wes011 is in the house
  8. LB Avery Williamson on why offense will be better
  9. UL -5.5 vs. UK?
  10. VIDEO: Maxwell Smith Helmet Cam
  11. Prep football starts tonight in the Bluegrass.
  12. Ashley Scoby's article about UK student football section
  13. Kentucky readying for 2nd football scrimmage: Football Notebook
  14. How would you gameplan the UL game?
  15. Practice Notes for Today
  16. Quarterback-naming day....is Max Smith a done deal?
  17. Favorite Feature of the New Forum?
  18. Favorite Feature of the New Forum?
  19. Max is da man!
  20. Older Running Backs Primed to Push Back
  21. ** Lot of football stories on Front Page, folks ...and more ** (Helpful Hint Here)
  22. UK's freshman punter, Landon Foster
  23. Joker talks about the running backs (VIDEO)
  24. UK Preview RIGHT NOW on Fox Sports South.
  25. Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks and Doc's Beat the Odds around the corner
  26. Louisville Game
  27. Talked to Mister Cobble after practice today
  28. Phil Steele ranks Kentucky's schedule fourth-toughest
  29. Sagarin Ratings
  30. 2011 UK Football Dramatic Highlight
  31. That time again..BTO is here
  32. BTO WEEK ONE, play here
  33. MSU has the NCAA on campus
  34. BTO-link to play here
  35. Labor Union for College Football Players?
  36. In tragedy, high school football brings a community together
  37. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week One Here
  38. How to play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks Game (& Oledon and Mac4UK history)
  39. APB: Looking for these Stupid Underdog Pick Players from Last Year
  40. For entertainment purposes only -- what's your "best bet" this week?
  41. Phil Steele predicts...Kentucky 21 Louisville 20
  42. Are you ready for some football? Better make sure....
  43. This seems fitting for this week.
  44. Kicking woes at UL?
  45. Subscriptions are now Open! Premium Board Rocking
  46. Subscriptions are now Open!
  47. Can we PLEASE see some........
  48. I hope everyone will consider subscribing tomorrow when Premium is "live"
  49. Pryor fumble TD vs Louisville 2008
  50. Another Mizzou QB arrested
  51. Am I about to go 0-1 in my Football Pool? Vandy 13 S Carolina 10 4th quarter
  52. CBBN, For Computer Challenged; Can You Give Quick Inservice How To Embed Video
  53. Kentucky vs Louisville: A look at the Cardinals
  54. NC State 7 Tennessee 6 early
  55. Florida to start--START--TWO Quarterbacks
  56. Derek Abney best return man at UK, but
  57. Awesome One-Handed Catch
  58. It's just about time
  59. Swim meet at Papaw John's tomorrow
  60. SEC East is wide open!
  61. Any week 1 surprises?
  62. John Clay puts it into perspective
  63. Make them attempt a field goal
  64. 1st Half Game Thread: Kentucky @ Louisville
  65. BTO results week 1-congrats b2tb, donnie, FTH, Cat-IL, me, BSS and Bud
  66. BTO week 2-play here
  67. Discouraged!
  68. JOker: We are better than this (honestly, he said that)
  69. Point to make after the game
  70. UK seniors expected a lot more
  71. Who do you want for the next football coach?
  72. SUP winners appear to be
  73. Max Smith
  74. Karl Towns.
  75. No living Kentucky coach has a winning record vs Louisville (football)
  76. Aaron Boyd!
  77. Is Louisville good enough to win 10 games this year?
  78. After week 1, where do you focus?
  79. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Two Here
  80. Jarmon to use experiences, bad memories to make a difference
  81. Senior WR LaíRod King has 1,295 career receiving yards
  82. Smith's 35 completions was the second most only to Tim Couch in a Governors Cup gm
  83. Kent State vs Kentucky - a trap in waiting?
  84. Kent State game on TV?
  85. Auburn @ MSU.
  86. There's life afterall
  87. SUP standings and Results
  88. Arkansas takes big fall out of AP poll
  89. Chart: Maxwell Smith 6th nationally in completions
  90. After week 2, where do you focus?
  91. UK -6 favorite over Western Kentucky
  92. Awards for Max Smith, Landon Foster
  93. BTO week 2 results: 3 wins takes it (Mick,Blue,Bud,LePaige,lfbj,catfan)
  94. BTO Week 3: Play here
  95. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Three Here
  96. SEC Football Players Of The Week
  97. Chart: UK defenseís last 14 games
  98. SEC Top 5 - Week 2
  99. Kentucky football | Former Wildcat Shane Boyd shows support for kid brother Aaron
  100. Notre Dame to ACC (except football)
  101. Number of no-huddle offenses on the rise
  102. Comparing Max Smith to UK greats through five starts
  103. I don't get this
  104. What do you want to see today from the team?
  105. This season is reminding me of the Bill Curry years
  106. After week 3, where do you focus?
  107. Player development/Team attitude
  108. Dick Gabriel on the younger players and a bit of history
  109. BTO week 3 results-congrats BudCat_upthecreek and Blue 2 the Bone
  110. BTO week four
  111. Suspensions
  112. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Four Here
  113. Ever seen a line like this? Total 57. Line: Favorite -50.5
  114. LSU Keg-stand Granny....SEC Tailgating at its...err....finest?
  115. The Front Page
  116. Worst 25 FBS college football teams, per USA Today
  117. John L. Smith is losing it--bizarre start to Press Conference
  118. This scares me. Greatly.
  119. "Every football fan" in 53 seconds
  120. Arkansas coach Smith bankruptcy shows $25.7M debt
  121. Florida-Kentucky hasnít been all that competitivel
  122. OT: If you're not at high school football tonight, watch Baylor at ULM, ESPN 8pm ET
  123. Fake Breaking: UK to do away with head coach of football
  124. Kentucky v Florida GAME THREAD
  125. Game write up from Yahoo
  126. BTO week 4 results-congrat BSS, KGB and catfan73
  127. BTO week 5
  128. Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks Season Standings
  129. Gloom, despair and agony on me - the Kentucky football fan
  130. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Five Here
  131. Coach Phillips Comments from Today and Injury Report
  132. Check out Lonny Demaree on Larry Glover show today
  133. Hearing rumblings and hopefully some one can sort it out...
  134. UK v South Carolina Game Notes
  135. Reliving South Carolina 54 Kentucky 3 last year
  136. Kentucky v South Carolina GAME THREAD
  137. Did UK just find their Quarterback for the next 3 years?
  138. Tonight's attendance: 49,810
  139. Mississippi St Attendance Next Week
  140. 2005/2012 seasons
  141. BTO week 5 results: congrats LePaige
  142. BTO YTD standings
  143. BTO week 6-play here-its a "pick'em week"
  144. Sunday Night Football
  145. Life on the road against a power SEC team
  146. Maxwell Smith out indefinitely
  147. Towles Will Play Saturday
  148. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Six Here
  149. CoShik Williams out for the season - UK career over
  150. WR/S Aaron Jackson a possibility for UK?
  151. Student tailgating ban has been lifted
  152. Texas RB Dezmond Wortham on visit to Kentucky
  153. Anyone Notice Anything Different?
  154. OT: Memorial Service for Donald Ray Lewis ("Oledon")
  155. Kentucky v Miss. State--Quick UK Notes
  156. Last year vs Miss. State
  157. What to expect from Mississippi State
  158. Article: What to expect from Mississippi State
  159. Game Thread
  160. Old scout board transition
  161. Great UK v MSU photos from Jeff Houchin
  162. BTO week 6 results-congrats to truecatsfan and catfan73
  163. BTO week 7
  164. Missed posting the SUP Standings last week-UKFlounder surged to lead
  165. This needs no introduction. Words aren't sufficient
  166. I wish someone would have said this about Tim Couch
  167. Special treat for all Kentucky fans with free account here, through Big Blue Madness
  168. Revised goal: 6-6, bowl game appearance
  169. Washington State remains a work in progress under coach Mike Leach
  170. SEC hopes turn sour for Mizzou after Big 12 move
  171. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Seven Here
  172. Kentucky"all in" this week with Jalen Whitlow
  173. Do you "Like" something you see on Kentucky Sports Report?
  174. Who replaces Joker?
  175. Hold on, is what I just read on Twitter true?
  176. BTO week 7 results-congrats scout, mith, kgb, flounder and tcf
  177. BTO week 8-play here
  178. Season Stupid Underdog Pick Standings and Sad Second Chance Standings
  179. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Eight Here
  180. We need as much supports a possible, we need the fans to show up
  181. Mike Cassity Observations
  182. Rick Minter on Arkansas Memories
  183. Randy Sanders starting to throw Whitlow under the bus?
  184. SEC releases 8 game 2013 conference schedule
  185. High school kicker kicks 67-yard FG to put game in OT (VIDEO)
  186. You really want to read Ashley Scoby's article
  187. This is what we have been reduced to under Joker
  188. BTO week 8 results-congrats catfan, lepaige and Darrell
  189. BTO Week 9 (UK @ MO) = play here
  190. Oledon Stupid Underdog Pick Winners Week Eight
  191. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Nine Here
  192. Mizzou
  193. City College-OH vs. City College-Ky
  194. Kentucky vs Missouri - Game Thread
  195. Alright, it's time for Kentucky fans to show that were fed up
  196. Missouri area recruiting
  197. T&Ps to Marcus Lattimore who suffered the worst injury of all time
  198. BTO results week 9-congrats UKFlounder....... and MICK for getting his sombrero!
  199. KY's Schedule
  200. Kentucky Kernel writes an angry letter to Mitch Barnhart
  201. OMG All is forgiven if this is true and Mitch makes this happen
  202. Season SUP Standings & Sad Second Chance Standings
  203. BTO week 10-using Vegas lines this week
  204. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Ten Here
  205. Now this would be interesting.
  206. Thinking outside the box on a HC candidate
  207. Phillips on his Injury Report
  208. Barnhart FINALLY speaks out but in a very vague manner
  209. Some good news for a change
  210. Mitch talks about Commonwealth Stadium
  211. Oledon's Memorial Service
  212. Gruden Rumor
  213. Kentucky football...welcome to rock bottom
  214. Looking for tickets
  215. Rich Bozich first local media member to say Barnhart needs to go
  216. BTO results-congrats to me...plus one sombrero (by default)
  217. Tuesday Mitch Barnhart said UK football wasn't where we wanted it yet
  218. We ain't getting Jon Gruden
  219. Breaking news: Joker phillips has been fired
  220. Official coaching search rumors thread
  221. Petrino?
  222. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Eleven Here
  223. My Dream Team
  224. Joker sends a message to fans
  225. BTO week 11
  226. Kentucky releases ACTUAL scanned ticket attendance figures
  227. Dave Clawson
  228. Tuberville smacks assitant
  229. Kentucky is 1-9...Louisville is 9-1
  230. For the gamblers, early opening lines for 11/17/12 games
  231. bto week 11 results
  232. What SUP? Play Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Twelve Here
  233. How much 2012 cost UK football
  234. Texas A&M needs our T&Ps as FB player goes missing
  235. BTO week 12
  236. Larry Vaught
  237. Maryland in talks with B1G
  238. Auburns Toomer's tree are officially dead, set on fire last night
  239. Tennessee OFFICIALLY fires Derek Dooley, will NOT coach UK game
  240. BTO week 12 results-congrats KGB
  241. It's Beer Barrel Hate week
  242. Should UK and UT bring back the Beer Barrel?
  243. More for the gamblers, early lines on the next weeks games
  244. Compare how Tennessee handled Dooley fired to way Kentucky handled firing of Phillips
  245. Updated Oledon Stupid Underdog Picks Standings, including Sad Second Chancers
  246. What SUP? Play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, Week Thirteen Here
  247. Winston Guy suspended 4 games for testing positive for something stupid
  248. BTO week 13
  249. Beat Ewe Tee
  250. No, there aren't green spots on the wall of your house