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    Re: Lonnie Walker Re-schedules Visit

    Interesting. I agree why bother scheduling a visit if no chance

    snoopcat Today, 03:09 PM Go to last post

    Re: Sunday Morning Quarterback: Mississippi State Edition

    I thought Terry was true blue UK fan and that everybody else did not know what we were talking about.

    Suddenly insert Johnson into lineup

    snoopcat Today, 02:50 PM Go to last post

    Re: Oledon's Stupid Underdogs Pick Game - Week Eight

    best I can tell, Utah, Maryland and Kentucky were the winners.

    Doc Today, 02:43 PM Go to last post

    Re: Survival game--play here

    Maybe just FBS games then? You'd still unload most of your schedule on creampuffs, but they might not be as... creamy? Boy, that doesn't sound right.

    SalsaKat Today, 02:41 PM Go to last post

    Re: Survival game--play here

    Just recapped the year. If we did SEC vs SEC only

    Week 1 would have had 2 games to pick (MS vs FL and SC vs VU)
    Week 2 would have had

    Doc Today, 02:39 PM Go to last post